About Us

Our progress thus far
The core mission of SmartGuideSA is to make the world accessible to everyone. A trip mishap led four classmates—Johannes, Tao, Martin, and Tobias—to create a groundbreaking tourism company in 2009. When Johannes arrived in Beijing a day early, he spent his time aimlessly walking the streets because he had no idea where to go or what to do. The two were unable to completely appreciate their destination until Tao showed up to serve as a local guide. Our founders made the decision to transform the travel industry when they returned to Zurich with a clear vision for the future. The outcome? a website that compiles the top most well known faces in the business from across the world in one location.

Tao Tao, Johannes Reck, Martin Sieber, and Tobias Rein

SmartGuideSA has undergone significant development, growing from its beginnings in a modest student room to becoming the market leader. Our dedication to providing outstanding experiences and ensuring that you adore your destination hasn’t changed.